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Angle selection of ground monitoring horn


Ground monitor speakers, many people do not know there is an angle. But it has a lot to do with your environment!

The bigger angle for near field monitoring (meaning the listener is standing closer to the horn)

The smaller the angle, the better the listening position is

There is no good or bad, mainly depends on how you use!

The angle of the difference comes from the design of the sound box, when the audio and video is placed on the ground the horn will have an angle upward, can be 45~60 degrees to see the original factory design.

When placed on the monitor speakers, is about 50 degrees


Many brands have two angles of design

CS-10 can be heard on the ground floor speaker dual purpose design, ground monitoring was 45 degrees elevation

60 degree design for near field monitoring CS-12


Full landing monitor dedicated, the angle of deliberately designed a greater degree of elevation of 60 degrees, suitable for closer to the speaker from the monitor. If the position is limited, such as the stage is not good!

Choose the best way to use it

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