After-sale service

First, the product of the three package service commitment period from the date of purchase, date of the machine bar code label, warranty card bar code, shipping date.

Two, please take good care of the machine warranty card and barcode machine, maintenance products must be accompanied by the product warranty card, if they can not provide a valid warranty card, shall be paid according to the warranty, the company has the right to refuse to provide warranty service for you.

Three, customers in the purchase of our products from the date the warranty belongs to the range of products if the quality of products (human factors, force majeure excepted), the purchase of products enjoy one year warranty (except in Ceiling Speaker); good appearance under the condition of equipment replacement in three months, a year provide warranty; Ceiling Speaker accessories within six months; all the speaker not to return.

Four, the customer after receiving my company's products, such as the discovery of a product due to the damage of the freight company, I will be in the company with the customer, to assist customers in the local freight company in charge of responsibility.

Five, in the warranty period, due to failure to lead users to be used normally, first put forward by the customer to apply for replacement or repair, the regional manager to the customer for the first time after application will be audited by the technical department, confirmed by the technical departments need to return to factory maintenance or replacement, to be approved, will notify the customer manager return to factory related products. If you want to return to factory maintenance or replacement, customers must use qualified raw packing carton (special case please use complete similar size carton packaging, pay attention to the protection measures) as a result of improper packing that caused the damage and deformation of products or serious damage and other problems, the resulting material costs borne by the customer.

Six, within the warranty period (human factors, except for force majeure), the return of the plant transport costs borne by the company, the return of transport costs borne by the customer. Product warranty period maintenance cost of transport, all by the consigner bear, without replacing the motherboard, chassis, speaker unit, LCD screen, power transformer, the network version of the case, the company does not charge maintenance fees and fees to the shipper detection; need to replace parts, will be charged in accordance with the market price of spare parts the cost of.

Seven, such as equipment renovation, renovation costs and packaging costs borne by the customer.

Eight, our company received customer repair products, will be the cause of the failure and repair time to tell the customer, received the maintenance of goods, within 5 working days to deliver to the customer and inform the customer.

Nine, Party B agreed to set up the exhibition room exhibition of samples to achieve replacement [one year] regularly for more than a year, in principle, does not exhibit the return, if the customer really need to return, the company will be in accordance with the sample period of depreciation return B payment.

Ten, all products of the company are not repair service, provide on-site service, at the same time all the way to remind: unified automotive warranty product is prohibited such as courier, express, freight transport charges paid directly by the user of our party can accept the receipt, if not directly express freight back to our reception all the maintenance of goods, the inconvenience to you, please forgive me.

Eleven: principle 1: delivery yard) Debon logistics (Guangzhou city Panyu District Helen Fort creative industrial park; 2) Panyu Avenue North Long Mei Cun Huasheng logistics park; 3) Panyu city bridge within the yard

Twelve: if you have technical questions or product quality problems, please contact our company technical line: 13660169050 (Engineer: Jiang industry), 18520221445 (Engineer: Yang Gong), 13928716323 (Engineer: Zheng Gong)

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