Bandwidth performance

Bandwidth: 150MHz (-3dB) loaded

Brightness and chroma interference: 50dB@5MHz

Differential phase error: 0.1%, 3.584.43MHz

Differential gain error: 0.1, 3.584.43MHz

Maximum transmission delay: 5nS (+1nS)

Switching speed: 200nS (longest)

Video technology parameters

Video input

Signal type: 16 VIDEO video

Connection type: BNC interface

Minimum input level: 0.5Vp-p

Maximum input level: 2.0Vp-p

I/O impedance: 75

Return loss: -30dB@5MHz

Max D C compensation: 1.5V

Synchronous phase lock: 0.3V-0.4Vp-p

Video output

Signal type: 4 / 8 / 16 VIDEO video

Connection type: BNC interface

Minimum output level: 1.0Vp-p

Maximum output level: 2.0Vp-p

I/O impedance: 75

Return loss: 30dB@5MHz

DC: 5mV0 compensation

Conversion type: vertical interval

Audio technical parameters

Gain: unbalanced 0dB

Recording: 20Hz20KHz, 0.05dB radiation response

Noise handling: 0.03%@1KHz

S/N signal to noise ratio: >90, output 21 dBu balanced rated maximum output power

Luminance chrominance interference:<80 @ 1KHz, full

Stereo channel separation: 75dB > @:20Hz20KHz

Audio input

Signal type: 16 stereo, unbalanced

Connection type: RCA interface (Lian Hua)

Impedance: > 50

The maximum level: 19.5dBu

Audio output

Signal type: 4 / 8 / 16 stereo, unbalanced

Connection type: RCA interface (Lian Hua)

Impedance: >50

Gain error: 0.1dB

The maximum level (Hi - z): +21dBu

Max level (600): +15dBm


Power supply: 220V/50Hz

Rated power: 40W

Peak power: 120W

Installation: with standard cabinet mounting rack

Size: 458L * 245W * 135H (mm)

Weight: 7 (kg)

Mean time between failures: 50000 hours

(1) support for the input and output of audio and video signals of 16 channels, and the output of 4, 8 and 16 audio and video signals.

(2) support fast switching operations.

(3) support for video signal types: composite video (signal).

(4) the types of audio signals are stereo, balanced or unbalanced.

(5) 150MHz (-3dB), loaded with high bandwidth.

(6) it has the function of power down memory, such as power failure protection, LCD liquid crystal display, audio and video synchronization or separate switching.

(7) with infrared remote control function and RS232 communication function.

(8) rack mounted 3U metal case.

(9) the use of programmable logic display circuit, any interactive switching.

(10) long distance transmission distortion compensation technique.

(11) built in international power supply.


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