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HO-W620(Intelligent Desktop conference terminal)


HO-W620(Intelligent Desktop conference terminal)

HO-W620(Intelligent Desktop conference terminal)

Model: HO-W620

Name: Intelligent Desktop conference terminal

Processor: standard dual core 3.2G, can order I3, I5, I7

Terminal memory: Standard 4G, can order 8G, 16G, 32G

Terminal hard disk: Standard 32G SSD, can order 64G, 128G and 1T machines

Operating system: optional Windows 7, 8, 10

Screen specifications: 13.3 inches before the screen, 7 inches behind the screen

Screen type: FHD IPS

Physical resolution: front screen, 1920*1080, rear screen, 800*480

Display ratio: widescreen 16:9

Touch screen type: 10 point capacitive touch

Power supply mode: adapter

Terminal interface: power supply, network port, USB

Networking mode: wired LAN

Terminal size: 330mm*210mm*3mm

Terminal color: silver, black


Split design:

The display screen and the lifter adopt split type design, which ensures the stability of the touch screen signal! Touch screen with 1080p resolution and IPS view display, touch with 10 point capacitive touch, size: 280 high 130 screen thickness 8mm, the thinnest 5mm Round shaft lifter size: 480*70mm touch panel ultra-thin high-definition display and ultra-thin type lifting device without connecting backplane, no exposed screws, ensuring lifting touch display the whole screen is beautiful;

Networking mode:

Pure network construction, a network cable to solve the video, image, sound, data, signal transmission without delay!



File intelligent push:

The conference to support file source file push function, meeting the need for two file conversion, file format to ensure consistency, control of the host file upload what terminal display and view the meeting the same format; support PPT file dynamic playback, and supports PPT synchronous playback effects to other conference terminal; CAD file open and support edit, edit screen synchronized to other conference terminal;

Signal free interaction:

Support any conference terminal at any interface with a screen (by pressing one button synchronization at the local terminal screen to other conference terminal and the big screen with the screen or to the large screen display, refused to click on the same screen, open the file in the way); conference terminal support U disk file upload click automatically distributed to other meetings at the same time support system terminal, open the U disk file and a key synchronization screen to support any other conference terminal, video multimedia conferencing terminals broadcast synchronized to other conference terminals and the big screen with the screen or to the large screen display (including video footage of the pause, fast forward, rewind); support sharing in synchronous images of all the other the conference terminal includes a large screen synchronous display document zoom display characteristics, ensure touch touch screen; synchronous browsing, any The authority of the conference terminal supports a key switch (the local terminal can be switched by a button, a remote synchronization screen and the local terminal picture) to complete the free interaction function of the signal;

Speaker: tracking state in asynchronous browse conference terminal supports a key to any file synchronization and video screen speaker at this time and consistent support; the external signal with the screen to all conference terminal and synchronous display (external signal includes a video signal sent by the computer, matrix signal, notebook, camera signal signal and DVD signal); PC supports WINDOW interface and real-time broadcast to other conference terminal with the same screen to the big screen with the screen or to the large screen display


Secretarial control function:

Support the function of single chairman or multi chairman:

In support of the president have unified open sign function, support a unified vote function, support and start the meeting agenda, (meeting support multi issue, only the control host machine starts or the chairman meeting agenda, meeting with the automatic acquisition terminal access session file); support conference room signal switching function: President machine with the end of any man have any screen broadcast conference terminal;

And broadcast its screen picture to other conference terminals,

The chairman has a mandatory broadcast function: after the mandatory broadcast is initiated, the terminal is forced to return to the main picture, regardless of the interface, and cannot exit;

The president has the function of controlling the lifting and lowering of the lifter;

Support during the meeting to start voting and end voting, and to end the meeting to close the system function;

Signal interworking:

Support HDMI, VGA signal output terminal through this interface, any screen output to the screen or other signal display equipment; support HDMI, VGA signal input, large screen or external signals through this interface real-time broadcast picture to all conference terminal and synchronous display.



Auxiliary function:

Support for attendance, voting, electronic whiteboard, conference services, conference flow and other auxiliary force meetings of the University in an orderly manner;

Support PPT file source file interactive annotation, participants can directly annotate screen and reporting staff to initiate the source file, support wued file source file and save the annotation standard on any screen support; fast screen function.Real-time annotation.


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