Description IP network broadcast server, industrial control host

Screen color TFT 32 bit true color

Control mode 1024 * 768 resolution LCD resistive (four-wire) touch screen

Display standard standard 15-inch screen, large-screen LCD display, Chinese menu

Motherboard Intel NM10 chipset, X86 architecture

Standard interface 2 × PS / 2 interface; 6 × serial port; 1 × parallel port; 1 × VGA; 6 × USB2.0; 2 × RJ45

Hard disk / memory / CPU hard disk: 500G / memory: DDR3 800MHZ maximum support 2GB / CPU: Intel ATOM D525, dual-core four threads

NIC 2xRealtek RTL8103EL, 100M

Microphone input MIC microphone 600Ω / 10MV unbalanced (Φ6.5 single socket)

System Audio Signal Distortion 1KHz<0.5%

System audio signal SNR LINE: 72dB; MIC: 60dB

System audio signal standard input level LINE: 300mV; MIC: 5mV

System audio signal standard output level 0dBV

No distortion output power ≧ 10W

Its own power consumption AC ~ 220V / 50Hz / 300W

Operating ambient temperature: -20 ºC to +70 ºC; relative humidity: ≧ 75%; pressure: 86-106Kpa

Software operating platform Windows operating platform

System software built-in Guangdong match IP network radio software, music resource library

1, easy to operate touch screen display

2, powerful automatic / manual real-time operation

3, the software operating platform: WINDOWS98 / 2000 / XP / 2003

4, support a variety of music playback formats, CD-ROM, digital tuner, USB hot spots, hard drive

5, large capacity music library storage function, programmable timer playback output, with cycle function

6, fire alarm automatically strong broadcast, regional automatic identification

7, can be set up multiple sub-control station, remote control and remote paging

8, IP network broadcast control center is the core of the system. Designed with industrial control chassis, touch screen display control, built-in powerful IP network broadcast control server software, commonly used program material, large-capacity program source space, the user can download or make according to their own needs to record the program. Responsible for audio streaming on demand service, scheduled task processing, terminal management and rights management functions. Manage the program library resources, provide regular broadcast and real-time on-demand media services for all network adapters, and provide data interface services for each audio workstation in response to the broadcast requests of the network adapters.

9, all digital transmission to the local area network or an independent IP as the main transmission medium, support dedicated 100M network transmission, transmission distance is not restricted, and to achieve a multi-network. Any computer with any system installed on the LAN can broadcast the system according to the size of the authority and add or delete the program to the system.


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