System parameters:

Frequency range: UHF500MHz ~ 960MHz (optional)

Modulation: FM (PLL)

Frequency deviation: ± 25KHz / ≤ ± 48KHz

Frequency stability: ≤ ± 15ppm

Frequency response: 60Hz ~ 18KHz

Signal to noise ratio: ≥ 110dB (A)

T. H. D: ≤ 1%

Operating temperature: -10 ℃ ~ +55 ℃

Receiver parameters:

Receiving form: Diversity reception

Sensitivity: 3uV (52dB S / N)

Audio output level:

Balanced output: + 10dB (XLR)

Audio output: + 4dB (1/4 ", 6.3mm jack socket)

Adjacent channel interference ratio: ≥ 80dB

Mirror interference ratio: ≥80dB

Hand-held transmitter parameters:

RF transmit power (50Ω): 8mW ~ 30mW

Harmonic suppression:> 50dB


 With the world's most advanced ACT (automatic channel lock) function, can be fast

 Accurate automatic locking of the receiver's operating frequency;

 Shell with aluminum alloy material, with a drop-resistant non-fault professional quality;

 There are 8 color-specific color tail cover channel recognition;

 The heart of the heart of the core;

 CPU control;

 Phase - locked loop frequency synthesis technology;

 Diversity technology;

 Large-screen dynamic liquid crystal display, can dynamically display AF, RF level and

 Channel conversion;

 100 channels adjustable, can be used at the same time without interference;

 Panel can set the working distance, display, panel lock function.


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