Signal-to-noise ratio:> 75dB

Power waste:≤80W

Input voltage: AC220V/50HZ-60HZ

Audio mode: 16 bit stereo CD tone quality

Output power / impedance: 50W/8Ω

Frequency range: 20-17KHZ

Function introduction:

1, standard 1 10/100M RJ45 network switch interface, support LAN and wan.

2, using a metal box, acrylic plate and aluminum panel design, with waterproof, moisture-proof, anti dust, anti demolition, fast function; equipped with fixed mounting bracket can be installed in the vertical rod or hanging on the wall, exquisite appearance.

3, with LED display, display content, you can customize changes in the system, so that users can display different content according to different places.

4, a 24 hour automatic chassis lights flashing, more clearly highlighted the police position, especially at night to help.

5, full duplex two-way intercom function, built-in echo cancellation, broadcast by MP3, call by 32K audio sampling, broadcast sound realistic, clear and loud.

6, with a total of 8 /50W power amplifier, output loud, line input, a short circuit output, a short circuit input.

7, the box is equipped with 45 degrees automatically start cooling system, when the box temperature reached 45 degrees, the cooling fan automatically opens, the heat from the heat hole discharge the internal heat.

8, with one touch trigger, linkage monitoring camera, timely alarm, realized two-way intercom and live picture display, easy to security terminal scheduling.

9, monitoring video linkage, using IP network monitoring alarm controller, trigger the hard disk recorder alarm, take the picture cut to maximize.

8, with monitoring function, you can always listen to the surrounding environment, convenient for security management.

9, with network broadcast function, through the IP network paging microphone for him MP3 file broadcast or propaganda.

10, with emergency broadcast strong cutting function. When emergency broadcast, automatically sound strong cut to the maximum volume.


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