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HARMAN brand IP network broadcast successfully applied to shanxi datong yichina


HARMAN brand IP network broadcast successfully applied to shanxi datong yichina

HARMAN brand IP network broadcast successfully applied to shanxi datong yichina

Founded in 1951, ling qiu is the only public high school in lingqiu county. In 2009, the provincial education department and provincial environmental protection bureau awarded the honorary title of the green school in Shanxi Province, and in the same year, entered the demonstration high school in Shanxi Province. The school adheres to the education policy and policy of the party, conducts its orientation and implements the quality education, and always regards "who cultivates and cultivates what kind of person" as the core of the school. Teachers and teachers, teachers and teachers, and devoted to the work; Adhere to the principle of up to adults, and undertake to the student moral education, legal education, Thanksgiving education, responsibility, education and so on, the old people's hard work entrepreneurial spirit is internalized into the students in the hometown of the patriotic love specific behavior.

A tranquil and elegant environment. School experiment instruments and modern information technology education facilities, has a standard language lab, computer lab, experimental rooms, rich collection of books reading room, multi-function hall and the principal assessment two-way closed-circuit television system, and open distance education, the campus each classroom is equipped with "four machine scene" school is over 400 meters standard runway, music, beauty equipment, all of them are abundant.


The functional requirements of the network IP broadcasting system in lingqiu, Shanxi Province:

1) : the system is expected to adopt IP network as the transmission medium, can use all the existing network hardware resources, demand systems may authorize broadcasting multiple locus of control, a full range of centralized control management system, and the regional independent control management, there are multiple remote radio control points, have a phone radio and intelligent power management functions, strong expansibility of the system. The output of power output adopts the method of constant pressure output. Each speaker is connected to the music line by the appropriate transmission transformer according to its power size and impedance value.

2) : the greening area adopts the molding speaker; In the landscaping area, the outdoor garden style speaker is installed in the ground floor.

3) the configuration of the speaker should ensure that the sound pressure level of music can reach a certain degree of uniformity.

4) the system shall be equipped with a security loop, which will automatically cut off the connection with the host equipment when the circuit of the speaker circuit is short-circuited to ensure the safety of the amplifier and control equipment;

5) : the location of the stereo should be taken into consideration of the road, the entrance and the study place.

6) : broadcast to satisfy various requirements: in addition to the normal school, public broadcasting, the realization of the background music, and other functions, considering the new characteristics of modern radio, must consider radio and fire control linkage, obligate fire control interface, and to achieve remote or beyond the radio is broadcasting design must consider the question.

7) : the student accommodation area needs to be played on a separate background music. The system needs to provide multiple sets of background music, which can be used for local selection and audio control in the terminal area.

8) : system requirements can be divided into multiple broadcast areas according to the various functional buildings and regions of the school, and the system can be arranged in a separate broadcast program according to the region.


The HARMAN IP network broadcast system is the world's leading broadcasting system. In the 21st century, electronic technology will inevitably develop in the direction of digitalization and networking, and computer control technology will infiltrate almost all applications. HARMAN IP network broadcast system based on this concept to carry on the design and construction technology, traditional intelligent broadcast, nc broadcast incomparable technical advantage, and can be applied to more broad application environment. It using the computer Internet of digital audio signals (LAN/wan) system: perfect, stable, convenient and CD grade quality, combination of arbitrary partition, interactive on-demand, timing, fixed-point infinite, two-way radio broadcasting, audio, intelligent switch machine, the network alarm; There is a network of places, randomly add, freewill, cover all kinds of broadcasting of the past all functions. It is widely used in public places such as airports, railways, villages, highways, large parks, large shopping malls, supermarket chains, large campuses, digital safe cities and other public places.

Digital network public broadcasting system USES IP Audio ™ technology, the Audio signal in the form of standard IP packet transmission in LAN and wan, is a set of pure digital network transmission of two-way Audio amplification system. It has solved the problems of poor sound quality, complex management and lack of interactivity. The system equipment is simple to use, installation is convenient, you only need to digital audio terminal access to a computer network can be a powerful digital broadcasting system, each access point without the need for a separate wiring, realize the computer network, digital video monitoring, public broadcasting more nets.


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