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HARMAN brand public broadcasting is used in shaanxi hua county education bureau


HARMAN brand public broadcasting is used in shaanxi hua county education bureau

HARMAN brand public broadcasting is used in shaanxi hua county education bureau

The address of hua county education bureau is located in weinan, the second highest reserve in the country, and 54 donglu, shaanxi weinan style, which mainly manages the school administration of hua county. Hua county education bureau is an organ unit, which is mainly responsible for the important affairs and government affairs of the comprehensive coordination organs. In charge of document handling, information, complaint reporting, computer, file, confidentiality, security, motions, proposals and proposals. Main responsibilities:

1. Implement the education guidelines, policies and regulations of the party and the state

2. Responsible for all education work.

3. Responsible teachers and education administrative cadre team construction work.

4. Responsible for the layout planning and adjustment of various schools.

5. undertake other tasks assigned by the government.



Public broadcasting System (Public Address System PA) belongs to a branch expansion in the sound System, from the building, factory, school, hospital, hotel, square, station, wharf, park to the venue, cinemas and theatres, stadiums, residential area and so on all has close relationship with them.

Public broadcasting system is a system engineering, which need the electronic technology, electronic technology, build sound technology and acoustic close cooperation of many subjects such as art, public broadcasting system's sound is not only related to the comprehensive performance of acoustic systems, also with the propagation of sound environment is closely related to the architectural acoustics and field tuning used, so the public broadcasting system the result need correct reasonable acoustic system design and debugging, good sound propagation conditions, and the best fit right tuning technology field, the three complement each other to be short of one cannot. In system design must consider the above problem, in choosing a good acoustic equipment based on performance, through careful system design, system debugging, and carefully build good acoustic conditions, reach the electroacoustic musical acoustics, natural.

Public broadcasting system, including the background music and function of emergency broadcast, often together, its object is a public place, at the gate of the hallways, elevators, elevator capsules, hall, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, banquet hall, garden and furnish combined column or distributed loudspeaker box, play background music at ordinary times, when emergency incidents, strong cutting for emergency broadcast, using it to command to evacuate.

There are more control functions of public broadcasting system, such as selection of radio and radio, mandatory switching function and priority broadcast function. The public broadcasting system has a large speaker load and a long transmission line. In order to reduce transmission line losses, 70V or 100V constant voltage high impedance transmission is used. The sound pressure is not high, and the tone quality is mainly in the middle and medium tones. The problem of silent feedback is that the loudspeakers in this system are not in the same room as the loudspeakers which broadcast to the public.


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